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Innovative Solutions

Customers are continuously increasing their requirements, entrusting Telstar with finding an optimum solution customized to their specific requirements. The customers do not limit themselves to issuing a specification which can be satisfied with standard equipment, but look for a new approach that improves on current techniques.

Telstar analyses the problem in its entirety and searches for the optimum solution customized for to the case in hand. By way of an example, the helium leak detector can integrate several functions, such as the pressure resistance test, gas flow checking and valve actuation checking. One machine carries out the functions that up to now required the use of 3 separate stations.

In many cases, it is of vital importance that the commissioning of new equipment disrupts production as little as possible. Therefore, Telstar tests and tunes equipment extensively in its workshops under continuous production conditions, in order to be able to install the machine in the production line and ensure its correct operation in the shortest possible time.

In the leak detectors, the automatic load-unload systems, the easy maintenance, the ergonomics and the reliability of the test are the prominent aspects to determine the success of the installation.

The continuous innovations in all areas and the quest to offer better and quicker machines lead Telstar to constantly introduce new technologies into its products.

The Vacuum Solutions division has specialised itself in a focused range of processes that have one thing in common: the use of vacuum technology.

These processes are:

  • Helium leak detection
  • Vacuum degassing and oil filling
  • Helium Recovery
  • Electrical appliance drying and impregnation