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14/12/2012Telstar provides a simulation chamber for vacuum thermal tests on micro-satellites

A technological development for Instituto Universitario de Microgravedad Ignacio da Riva, which belongs to Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Telstar has developed and supplied a space simulation chamber for Instituto Universitario de Microgravedad Ignacio da Riva, in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Featuring a test chamber 1.0 meters in diameter and 1.4 meters in length, this system is intended for space simulation tests and behavior analysis of microsatellites and other space equipment, under thermal and vacuum conditions which simulate the actual conditions present in space. The system can be used for qualification tests (using qualification models not intended for launch) and for acceptance tests (using models that will be launched into space).

The chamber can reach a vacuum level of 10-7 mbar, which is equivalent to one-10,000-millionth of an atmosphere. The temperature range extends from -180°C to +180°C. These conditions expose space systems and equipment to stress levels similar to those that will be found in space, where the satellite is exposed to solar radiation without atmospheric protection, and to an extremely cold environment when shadowed by the Earth.