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12/06/2009TELSTAR launches its new range of treatment plants for oil-insulated installations.

The Telstar Vacuum Solutions division has successfully concluded a six-month development project to redesign its degassing plants.

Telstar has recently launched the new EDS 4 oil treatment plant.  The innovations introduced in the equipment are both technical and economic.  Telstar has successfully reduced production costs to offer the units at the very competitive prices required in the present financial environment.

These plants remove the moisture, dissolved gas and solid particles from the oil by filtrating, heating and vacuum degassing to maintain effective insulating properties.

Many new innovations have been introduced including:

  • New piping system that permits filling with new oil from a tank/barrel or draining without disconnecting the existing hoses. Simply connect an additional set of hoses to the second set of ports and regulate via valves without connecting or disconnecting the original hoses.
  • New fast connections type KAMLOK®
  • The equipment can be transported by van due to compact layout. The skid can also be moved by fork-lift truck.
  • System AFP (Anti-Foaming Protocol) that consists of a combination of software and hardware to eliminate the foam produced by the degassing under vacuum.
  • Full color 5.7" LCD touch-screen display to control and monitor the entire system. It incorporates a program which automatically regulates the oil flow and vacuum depending upon the properties of the oil.

In addition, the equipment maintains the traditional advantages of double SIHI oil pump, vacuum pump (which is used in conjunction with the Roots pump to create vacuum in the transformer) a heater with four safety devices to eliminate oil overheating and a double filter that enables cartridges to be changed without stopping the machine and accommodates two different levels of filtration.