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21/07/2010Telstar incorporates Ferran Costas as General Manager of Telstar Vacuum Solutions

Ferran Costas has joined the Telstar Group as general manager of the Telstar Vacuum Solutions. Ferran is a Telecommunications Engineer specialising in the development of specific projects for the aerospace sector, with an MBA from Esden (Madrid). Ferran brings with him a wealth of experience in the design and development of RF/microwave equipment and sub-systems for satellites such as Hispasat-Amazonas, Galileo, SMOS, ICO, Terrestar, Globalstar-2, etc.  His professional career includes positions with Mier Communications, which designs and produces radio frequency communication equipment and systems, as well as with Ingenieria de Radiofrecuencias (Radio Frequency Engineering) - IRSA, TRACOR SA, Radiación Microondas SA (Microwave Radiation) - RYMSA, where he acted as deputy general manager, and Arthur Andersen.

In his new role with Telstar Vacuum Solutions, Ferran will direct Group strategy in the field of high vacuum and ultra high vacuum project development to consolidate the Group's position in the international market and reinforce the growth plans in the high-technology energy, aerospace and scientific research industries market. The focus will be on development of high added value products and projects with an engineering and innovation component, specifically in the area of space simulators for space companies, agencies and institutions, and of large scientific installations in various fields: nuclear fusion, particle accelerators (synchrotrons, neutron sources, etc.) and large telescopes (for example, reflector recoating plants). Also, within the framework of this new step, there will be a commitment from Telstar Vacuum Solutions to promote the development of vacuum and high vacuum technology equipment for industrial applications, in particular those incorporating high levels of technology.

Telstar has developed a sound track record in the development of space technology, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum technology following involvement in large scale projects that have taken place in recent years which have earned it international recognition and distinction. Of particular note is its participation in the development of international projects, such as synchrotrons (ESRF, ALBA), space simulation chambers and the experimental nuclear fusion reactor, ITER. In fact, Telstar was the first company in the world to design and manufacture the mechanical manipulator for the future international reactor, ITER and recently developed the largest space simulation chamber in the southern hemisphere for the Government of Brazil (INPE).