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13/11/2008Telstar broads up its range of vacuum pumps: is launched RD NH3 series to evacuate installations from remaining ammonia gas.

Nowadays, ammonia continues being the most used coolant for industrial refrigeration systems to process and conserve most foods and beverages, including the marine food sector. Approximately 90% of the industrial refrigeration systems for food use ammonia.

As a refrigerant, ammonia offers two distinct advantages over other commonly used refrigerants:

  • First, ammonia is an environmentally compatible refrigerant because it has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero and a global warming potential (GWP) of zero.
  • Second, because of its superior thermodynamic properties, ammonia as a refrigerant requires less energy than other refrigerants when used in large industrial systems.

Telstar Ammonia Vacuum Pumps are specially designed for the use in medium and high vacuum applications, evacuating remaining ammonia gases from industrial installations. Materials of construction and design are specifically directed at chemical and mechanical resistance, resulting in a robust and reliable pump. 


Flow range: from 10 m3/h up to 70 m3/h.

Final Vacuum: 2 x 10 -4 mbars

5 different models


Ammonia Vacuum Pumps catalogue