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Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS)

Sulfide Hexafluoride, SF6, is widely used as dielectric media in many mid and high voltage power breakers.

For the producers of mid voltage switchgears, Telstar supplies machines that integrate several operations in one single unit.

Air evacuation

In order to have a high purity of SF6 gas inside the GIS, the air must be removed till low pressures.

Mechanical resistance

Since many GIS do not stand vacuum, nor pressure, inside, the air evacuation inside the GIS must be done simultaneously with a pressure reduction outside the GIS, in a way that the maximum differential pressure is never exceeded.

Leak detection

Before filling the SF6 gas it is necessary to verify that the GIS box is completely tight. The leak detection is performed by means of Helium and mass spectrometry and allows to find leaks smaller than 0,1% of the SF6 charge per year.

SF6 gas filling

The SF6 filling is done in a precise way, and is measured in several ways.

SF6 gas emissions

Telstar's plants do not release SF6 into the atmosphere

SF6 recovery

The machine can be used for fast and effective recovery of the SF6 gas content of any GIS that needs repair. Recovery rate is higher than 99,99%.

Telstar Technologies is an approved machines supplier for the major GIS makers, worldwide.