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Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Telstar Vacuum Solutions offers innovative custom solutions in design, construction and installation of space simulation thermal vacuum chambers, specially developed to optimize testing efficiency.

The broad experience, know-how, qualified personnel and strict process and materiel control ensure effective turn-key project execution; satisfying customer requirements and guaranteeing reliability and quality of delivered equipment. This equipment is compliant with all safety and applicable EMC standards and is designed and constructed to operate in a clean room environment.

Telstar offers cost-effective space simulation solutions in a wide range of sizes, shapes and specifications, from less than 1m3 for equipment-level tests to large systems for testing complete satellites.

Telstar offers total test automation and monitoring, ensuring close reproduction of programmed test conditions.



  • Space simulation tests
    Space simulation tests

    Telstar space simulation chambers replicate real conditions that satellites and space hardware will have to withstand and quickly and reliably...

  • Vacuum Chambers

    Telstar constructs chambers from volumes less than 1 m3 to large volumes able to accommodate complete satellites. Using optimized processes for...

  • Vacuum Systems

    Telstar has extensive knowledge in vacuum technology, which guarantees the levels of ultra high vacuum down to 10-7 mbar (10-5 Pa), depending on the...

  • Thermal Systems

    Telstar  has  extensive  experience  in  cryogenics  and  thermal  control and can offer chambers that perform across a range of temperatures...

  • Control Systems

    Telstar space simulation chambers include flexible, user-friendly control systems that allow both manual control of all the elements and complete and...