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Vacuum oil treatment EDS - EDC

The EDS and EDC units heat the oil, pump it through a particle filter and direct it through a vacuum column, where it is desgassed and dehydrated. A second group of pumps creates a vacuum in the transformer.

The EDS and EDC plants' main components are:

  • 2 W/cm2 oil heater, with powers ranging from 16 to 200 kW, 35ºC thermal increment.
  • Vacuum column, with a diameter of 200 to 1,200 mm filled with stainless steel PAL rings, which ensure that the oil flows in a fine film that facilitates its degassing and drying.
  • 1 and 5 micron particle filters.
  • Centrifuge, impulse pumps with a frequency converter that adjusts its flow from 500 to 16,000 litres per hour.
  • Water cooling system used to cool the outside of the column and prevent the additives from being entrained.
  • Dry air generator unit to ventilate the transformer.
  • Henrymeter to measure the oil balance pressure.
  • Moisture content meter, reading in ppm.
  • Mechanical and electronic vacuum gauges.
  • Autotrafo to maintain the system at two volts.

The EDS-EDC machines can be configured for stationary use or as mobile units, assembled onto vehicle trailers. They can be protected against the elements and vandalism.

To obtain good performance from electric transformers, the insulating oil should be free from moisture, dissolved gas and solid particles. Even new oils require some treatment to limit these contents to suitable levels.

A polluted oil loses its characteristics of dielectric strength, resistivity and loss factor (tg δ).  Moisture, in addition, promotes acid and sludge formation.

The Telstar dielectric oil treatment equipment has been designed specifically for the filtering, dehydration and degassing of the insulating oils used in transformers and electric cables.

Options & accessories

  • Double oil circulation pump
  • Double inlet and outlet valve
  • Oil hoses
  • 3µ or 1 µ additional filter
  • Flow meter with minimum flow alarm
  • Volatile oil fraction condenser
  • Roots vacuum pump
  • Pirani type electronic vacuum gauge
  • Double effect degassing column
  • Auxiliary vacuum pump
  • Henrymeter to measure residual gas content
  • Trailer for road transport
  • Protecting canvas covers