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Fluid Systems

The Danish firm AGRAMKOW is the worldwide leading company in refrigerant charging systems and functional test equipment for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries.

Telstar represents Agramkow in the Spanish market, both commercially and on a technical service level.

In the electrical appliance market, AGRAMKOW helps to improve the end-of-line operations, through its applications expertise, quality based performance technology and customer support. Telstar commercially and technically represents AGRAMKOW in Spain and contributes its more than 50 years of experience in the market. 

Gas charging stations, for flammable and non-flammable gases, in a wide range of models and charging speeds.

Evacuation stations, from the simplest to the totally automatic, save time and money for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment manufacturers.

Helium leak detection is considered one of the most efficient systems in production of refrigerator, freezer and air conditioning equipment, among others. AGRAMKOW offers a wide range of equipment and functions.

The supply of both flammable and non-flammable refrigerants, is addressed by positive displacement pumps, which provide the process with a high level of efficiency and reliability.

Loading safety supervisors, with gas detection sensors and differential pressure sensors are cutting-edge technology on the market.

Computerised performance testing equipment for refrigeration equipment also helps considerably to increase the quality and efficiency of production lines; measuring and monitoring parameters such as temperature, pressure, power, air flow and moisture content.

Agramkow also manufactures electric safety testing equipment with various capacities and ranges.