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Telstar has focused its vacuum and ultra-high vacuum business for research centres and general industry through its Telstar Vacuum Solutions division.

Telstar Vacuum Solutions performs design, manufacture and sales of vacuum pumps and high and ultra high vacuum systems for industrial applications: automotive, domestic and industrial refrigeration and chemical fields, and Research & Development Centres: Nuclear Fusion, Synchrotrons, Aerospace and Astrophysical Institutes.

For general industry, Telstar's range includes mass-produced equipment such as vacuum pumps and portable leak detectors to customised vacuum equipment adapted to specific customer needs.

For research centres, Telstar designs HV and UHV (High Vacuum and Ultra-High Vacuum) equipment for the scientific installation supply chain (synchrotrons). Our customers include the main synchrotrons (CERN, ESRF, ALBA) and the main space agencies (INTA, INPE).