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Division dedicated to the high, manufacture and sales of vacuum pumps and high and ultra high vacuum, systems for industrial applications (automation, domestic, industrial refrigeration and chemical field) and Research & Development Centres (Nuclear Fusion, Synchrotrons, Aerospace or Astrophysical Institutes).


  • Our Business
    Our Business

    Telstar has focused its vacuum and ultra-high vacuum business for research centres and general industry through its Telstar Vacuum Solutions...

  • Business orientation
    Business orientation

    Project development, services and vacuum technology equipment applications.    

  • Our Value
    Our Value

    Telstar Vacuum Solutions is committed to the application of high technology research & development to satisfy the demands of growing companies;...

  • Work with us
    Work with us

    The Telstar Group is constantly growing and developing, with a presence in more than 100 countries and its own facilities in Spain, Holland, United...