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Space simulation tests

Telstar space simulation chambers replicate real conditions that satellites and space hardware will have to withstand and quickly and reliably perform a diverse range of tests, such as:

  • Functional test of equipment and systems in conditions of high vacuum and a temperature range as wide as -190ºC to +180ºC, for verification (qualification or acceptance) of flight units.
  • Deformation measurements, by photogrammetry and other techniques.
  • Thermal behavior of materials.
  • Tests of deployment of mechanisms and structures.
  • Depending on options: simulation of solar radiation and infrared radiation, for endurance tests, and thermal balance tests (temperature gradients).

Telstar offers custom solutions for special tests, such as:

  • Optical windows and ancillary items for 3D photogrammetry.
  • Test chambers for electrical propulsion (ion thrusters), with high capacity Xenon recovery system.
  • Chambers for testing optical systems, with vibration isolation and inner optical platform.